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The Greatest Three Words Ever Spoken


I’ve been pondering my candidates for the greatest three words ever spoken. The easiest choice would be “I Love You” but that’s just too obvious.

I also thought about “Lions Win Superbowl” but that phrase will never be uttered in any universe.

I then considered “Darren Finally Owns A Platypus” and while it would certainly be the greatest phrase ever spoken, it’s more than three words so it’s out as well.

After my ridiculous ponderings, I think I’ve found the best three words ever spoken in the book of Matthew, more specifically, in the story of Jesus walking on the water.

Surprisingly, they aren’t even in red.
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Faith Is Not a Magic Wand

Magic Wand

What is faith?

I’ve grappled with this question over the years. My Dad was a true man of faith. You can read a brief synopsis of his great faith here. So I was raised in a home driven by faith in God.

And yet, while I’ve seen God do some ridiculously amazing things, I’ve also noticed that God doesn’t do everything in the exact way we hope or believe he will, even when we think we’re exercising faith in the proper manner.

My experiences have led me to think about faith…A LOT. So here’s my basic conclusion. Read the rest of this entry

When God Fails, Can You Still Trust Him?


I recently had an epic fail. Even though my wife’s best friend is a professional hair dresser and would gladly come cut my hair in my home, I cut my own because, as my wife says, I’m cheap. This had never caused an issue before, but alas, all good things must come to an end.

I cut my hair in front of the mirror so I can get a good look at what I’m doing. As I was cutting, I lifted the clippers up toward the top of my head, and for a brief moment the clippers disappeared behind my arm. Apparently during this brief moment in my blind spot, the guard silently fell off…like a stealth ninja hair guard. I then pressed the clippers to the top of my head with no guard whatsoever, gashing a 2 inch hole into the side of my hair. Read the rest of this entry

When Faith Gets Messy

Some think I’m slightly insane. After reading the following, you may agree, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

Yesterday we spent some time with our nearest and dearest friends, Nate and Dawniel. They just lost their brother-in-law, a local police officer named Justin, while he was on duty. The entire town has quickly rallied to support his widow, Danielle, and their three young sons, all under age 6. We sat with our closest friends, and we talked, and we shared, and we cried. It was gut wrenching. Read the rest of this entry