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The Greatest Three Words Ever Spoken


I’ve been pondering my candidates for the greatest three words ever spoken. The easiest choice would be “I Love You” but that’s just too obvious.

I also thought about “Lions Win Superbowl” but that phrase will never be uttered in any universe.

I then considered “Darren Finally Owns A Platypus” and while it would certainly be the greatest phrase ever spoken, it’s more than three words so it’s out as well.

After my ridiculous ponderings, I think I’ve found the best three words ever spoken in the book of Matthew, more specifically, in the story of Jesus walking on the water.

Surprisingly, they aren’t even in red.

The story of Jesus and Peter walking on water is a favorite of many. Jesus went for a leisurely stroll on the water (as if it’s just another walk in the park), and just so happened to stumble upon the boat his disciples were riding in.

When Peter saw Jesus walking on the water, Peter asked if he could take a walk, too. And then, Peter miraculously stepped out of the boat and walked on the water.

This is the type of faith most preachers focus on—the faith Peter used to step out of the boat. It’s certainly a great moment of faith for Peter. But what happens next exhibits a different type of faith–one that I’m much more familiar with.

After a few moments, Peter realized what was going on as he noticed the wind and the waves surrounding him. Immediately his extreme, miracle-making faith dwindled and he began to sink. But as he was sinking, Peter cried out the greatest three words anyone can ever speak:

“Lord, save me.”

And Jesus did just that. These three words show the flipside of faith. It’s a faith that believes even when we fail, Jesus will not fail.

While I have identified a handful of times with Peter’s out-of-the-boat faith, I’ve identified with this latter type of faith far more often as Peter clings to the arm of Jesus on the way back to the boat saying, “Don’t let me go, Jesus. Please don’t let me go.”

Even though Peter was sinking, he knew Jesus would not sink.

Jesus asks that we exercise an out-of-the-boat type of faith from time to time. And when we do, miracles can and will occur. But when we fail, we can trust that Jesus will pick us up and carry us to safety. And it’s all summed up in those three simple words:

“Lord, save me.”

The greatest statement of your faith is found in those words–the greatest three words ever spoken. Use them as often as needed, and trust that Jesus won’t ever let go.

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  1. Perhaps as a follow-up to our three word call is Jesus’ three word benediction, “Go in peace!” Luke 7:50

  2. Really good, Darren.


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